Changing the way physical therapy patients engage with their care

Avior’s mobile platform provides patients with the tools and information they need to take ownership of their own care. Our platform engages patients by tracking their progress and the value they receive through their care leading to fewer patient dropouts and better patient satisfaction.

Therapist Web Platform

Therapists are given a way to access up-to-date in-depth information about each and every one of their patients. Assign your patients a mobile home exercise program while monitoring their progress and adherence throughout their plan of care.

Patient Mobile App

Patients can track their progress, learn about their care, and access a mobile home exercise program, providing a way to remain more actively engaged both in and out of the clinic.

Clinical Overview

Clinic managers and administrators are provided tools to monitor their clinic and easily identify areas where revenue generation and efficiency can be improved.


Avior’s founders, Ryan and Joe, are no strangers to the difficulties faced by patients during recovery. As collegiate wrestlers, both suffered season ending shoulder injuries that required a total of over 400 hours of physical therapy. Unfortunately, these injuries became career ending after unsuccessful recoveries that left Ryan and Joe having suffered labrum tears 5 separate times between them.


Ryan and Joe realized that as physical therapy patients they had failed to understand the value in or properly engage with their care. Their experience is shared by 70% of physical therapy patients and highlights a major problem in physical therapy: lack of transparency in care leads to disengaged patients, high dropout rates, and poor outcomes


As patients ourselves, we realize that what patients need is simply a way to stay actively involved in their own care. We need a way to see where we are going, what we are doing to get there, and why specific activities are important. Yet, currently there is no effective method for therapists to provide this information to their patients. This realization sparked the formation of Avior.

Patient Engagement in Physical Therapy


Patients that fail to adhere to their at home physical therapy program


Patients that cancel or do not show up for scheduled appointments


Patients that drop out of physical therapy before the third session

$250k +

Revenue lost due to patient dropouts and no-shows for the average physical therapy clinic

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