About Avior

The founders of Avior, Ryan Wosick (left) and Joe Scheidt (right), have a combined experience of over 400 hours as physical therapy patients. It was this experience, along with conversations with clinicians and fellow patients, that showed Ryan and Joe that physical therapy seemed to have one major problem: lack of transparency in care leads to disengaged patients, high dropout rates, and poor outcomes. As patients ourselves, we realize that what patients want is simply a way to stay actively involved in their own care. We want a way to see where we are going, what we are doing to get there, and why specific activities are important. Yet, currently there is no effective method for therapists to provide this information to their patients. This realization sparked the formation of Avior.


Even with the continual rise in popularity of digital health, physical therapists and  patients have remained left out. Whether in the form of patient information portals, clinical management systems, or simple appointment reminder systems, physical therapy is consistently the last industry for which digital health technology is developed. Avior seeks to change this fact. Our goal is to provide physical therapists and clinics with a tool to help increase transparency in care to help patients stay actively engaged. With quick and easy workflow integration, Avior allows therapists to provide patients with the tools and information they need to develop a sense of autonomy and ownership in their own care. By empowering patients to take control of their own care, Avior helps to reduce patient dropout and no-show rates while increasing patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and revenues. 

Our Vision

 Avior goal is to help create a patient-centered environment in all physical therapy clinics where the patients know they are in control of their own care. We strive to provide patients with the tools and information they need to stay actively engaged with their own care, both inside and out of the clinic.

  • Provide patients with a sense of autonomy and ownership in their care
  • Provide therapists with an easy tool to monitor and track their patients' progress throughout their care
  • Provide clinics with a way to monitor the overall health of their clinic, while improving clinical efficiencies

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